Your Home, Your Way

Your Home, Your Way

Posted 03/14/2013

FlexdesignMaking it your own – it’s one of the top reasons people cite for wanting to buy a home, rather than rent one. When it’s yours, you can have the exact number of bedrooms and bathrooms you want. You can put a walk-in shower in the master bath, move walls, expand the front porch or add on to the laundry room if you choose – activities most landlords tend to frown on.

Maracay Homes understands home buyers’ desire for a place that not only that fits their lifestyle but also fulfills their version of their own personal castle. That’s why each floor plan is easy to customize using the interactive, online FlexDesign® program. Simply select from a variety of design options and incorporate them into your new floor plan.

Want a third bedroom instead of a den? No problem. A powder room in place of a closet? Done.

Once you’ve arrived at the ideal layout, get even more personal by positioning furniture, mapping out lighting preferences, indicating electrical outlet placements and more. All set? Save, print or email your favorites.


Experiment. Have fun! There’s no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to home ownership. FlexDesign® makes it quick and easy to express your individuality with just a few clicks of the computer mouse. It’s all about you. Your home, your way!