Winter Watering Tips

Winter Watering Tips

Posted 12/18/2013

Deck the halls with…beds of dead plants! Doesn’t really have the same ring now, does it? Yet without a little TLC, this could be the reality for your home landscaping come spring. Cold temperatures and harsh winter conditions can take an extreme toll on your home’s vegetation. While proper freeze coverage is the most common defense, a number of harmful headaches can be avoided with the right watering.

Here are a couple of do’s and don’ts for H2O in your yard this year:


  • Be proactive. Watering in advance of a predicted freezes is incredibly beneficial. Before you cover your plants, give them a healthy watering to get them through the period of ground freeze where no moisture will be available to the root zone.
  • Know when to water. Midday watering is best in the winter as it gives plants enough time to absorb moisture before a freeze, or temperatures close to it, sets in.


  • Become irregular. While many habits change with the seasons, a watering cycle should not be one of them. Maintain a healthy schedule, giving plants a deep water at least once per week.
  • Prompt a freeze. Watering your plants when temperatures are too cold can damage them. If the thermostat is below 40 degrees, choose another time to hydrate

Bear in mind these easy tips through the chilly season and look forward to beautiful, bountiful landscaping come spring. 

Photo credit: …anna christina… / / CC BY-NC-SA