Why Buy in a Good School District

Why Buy in a Good School District

Posted 10/14/2015

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Living near quality schools obviously contributes to better educational opportunities for your children. But, whether you have kids or not, living in a high-performing school district can also provide huge benefits for you as a homeowner, from preserving your home’s value to providing a faster resale rate.

In a market where values are driven by demand, it’s important to think of all the factors that may increase the demand for your home, including its location. According to Trulia, many buyers search for real estate by school district and say school districts are among the key factors in their home-buying decision.  In fact, nearly 20 percent of Americans indicated in a recent Trulia survey that their dream home is located in a great school district. That number jumps to 35 percent for those who have children under 18.

With so many homebuyers wanting to live near great schools, its no wonder the homes in those areas retain their value and sell much faster. But, how do know if your potential new home is in one of these coveted districts? Trulia says to consider the age of the schools, condition of the facilities, student-to-teacher ratios and standardized test scores. The Great Schools website also is a terrific source of information. The site contains profiles for more than 5,000 public, public charter and private schools in Arizona, with information on academic performance, extracurricular programs, school culture and more.

At Maracay Homes, we build homes within great school districts because we believe quality schools are part of the foundation of a great community. For instance, our neighborhoods in the East Valley – Layton Lakes, Sendera Place, and Kinetic Point and Lumiere Garden at Eastmark, among others – are all situated within award-winning school districts. Toss in other outstanding amenities, including quality employers, state-of-the-art hospital facilities and world-class shopping and entertainment venues, and you have a first-class location that supports strong home values. The same can be said for our West Valley and Tucson neighborhoods, too.

For more information on our neighborhood locations and school districts, please visit www.MaracayHomes.com.