What Homebuyers Want

What Homebuyers Want

Posted 11/27/2012

The holidays are here and everyone is making a wish-list, including new home buyers.

With the holidays lurking just around the corner, it’s never too soon to bust out a wish list in preparation for the gift-giving season.

Even home buyers can’t resist the urge to get in on the fun. According to the National Association of Home Builders and other experts, house hunters have a definite list of “must haves” in mind when it comes to buying themselves one of the greatest gifts of all: a new home.

Modest floor plans
The McMansion era seems to be coming to an end as more buyers indicate their home-size sweet spot lies in the 1,400- to 2,600-square-foot range. Some experts predict by 2015, new home sizes will average 2,150 square feet, compared to the current average size of 2,380 square feet.

Organization and comfort
A home can provide refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, so it’s no surprise that organization and comfort are top priorities for buyers. Walk-in closets in the master bedroom, separate shower and tub in the master bathroom, great rooms, linen closets, an insulated front door, energy-efficient appliances and lighting, central air conditioning and laundry rooms are among the necessities new-home buyers listed in an NAHB survey earlier this year.

Smaller price tags
While a quarter of today’s buyers say they’re shopping for a home priced above $300,000, a larger portion (45 percent) of house hunters are looking for a home priced below $200,000.

Improved energy efficiency
Going green is on just about everybody’s minds these days – including home buyers’. They’re concerned with saving money on their energy bills, reducing their carbon footprint and doing right by Mother Earth – and they want a home that can help them reach these ideals. Green homes presently make up about 17 percent of the new-home market, but could reach 38 percent by 2016, experts believe.

Here at Maracay Homes, we pay close attention to what buyers want. We’re rolling out fresh new, thoughtfully designed floor plans intended to match the way people live, and giving buyers the opportunity to add their own special touches using our FlexDesign® software. Our LivingSmart® program ensures we build homes that not only are easy on the environment but also look out for your family’s well-being and your pocketbook.

Pay us a visit and see for yourself how we can satisfy what’s on your new-home wish list.