What Homebuyers Want

What Homebuyers Want

Posted 06/25/2013

From location to price to condition, prospective buyers have a variety of items on their wish lists when they start looking for their dream home.

Changes in environment, technology or the homeowner’s personal life often drive shifting desires from year to year. In today’s age of environmental consciousness and work-life balance, a short commute-length is an example of a newer feature some homeowners consider a priority when searching for the ideal house.  

Here are a few more buyer preferences that go beyond location and price:

  • Akin to location, neighborhoods with rising or stabilized home prices are what homeowners want. Knowing that their home may not lose value in the future is reassuring and makes some buyers more willing to invest.
  • Instead of wanting the most lavish home on the block, buyers are now looking for smaller, more functional homes. Having a satisfactory amount of space rather than an excess amount can help owners manage the home, taxes and utilities.Maracay Open floorplan
  • The popularity of open floor plans is a difference evident in newer homes compared to those built decades ago. Families want open spaces, where they can spend time together in houses that combine the living and dining rooms and kitchen into one great room, such as in Maracay Homes’ New Arizona Living Collection.
  • Those looking for a new home are also searching for a community filled with neighbors who lead an active lifestyle. These urban communities are popping up around the nation. One such local example can be found in Mesa at the new Eastmark master-planned community, which creates a social environment with parks and top-of-the-line recreation centers.

What were some of your desires when you were looking for a new home?