Welcome Home to Life on the Smart Side.

Welcome Home to Life on the Smart Side.

Posted 10/22/2019

The benefits of having seamless smart technology throughout your home go far beyond voice commands and WiFi—although those are some pretty great perks on their own. From a more hands-on home security experience to the luxury of setting the mood without lifting a finger, Maracay’s HomeSmart® technology is a true game changer. Here are just some of the ways a Maracay home helps you live your most efficient life.

Comfort and Convenience

Take comfort knowing you can heat and cool your home remotely using your smartphone, letting you walk through the door every day to a perfect temperature without running up your power usage. Enjoying a romantic dinner for two? Turn the lights down low and fire up your best mood music with just a tap on your phone or tablet. And if your kids crash the night, having an impromptu family dance party in the living room is as easy as saying, “Alexa, play dance music.” 

Access and Security

Homes (and packages) have never been safer with devices like Ring Video Doorbell Pro that let you monitor who’s coming and going on your own smart device. If you’re the type that likes to do all your holiday shopping online, security devices like this really make for a stress-free season. And if you have specific delivery or drop off instructions, you’ll have the freedom to use your phone to talk to your delivery person right from your Ring Video Doorbell Pro.

WiFi Connectivity

Get ready for your streaming, web surfing and overall connectivity to move so fast you’ll forget throttling and buffering even exist. A mesh WiFi system replaces your typical router, blanketing every inch of your home in reliable WiFi. Meaning you can watch your favorite shows while whipping up dinner in the kitchen, relaxing in the bathtub or even while escaping to the back patio with a nice glass of Cabernet. 

HomeSmart-Guy Tablet LivingSmart.

Learn more about Maracay’s HomeSmart® program and make your new home a smart home.