Warm Recipes for Cool Nights

Warm Recipes for Cool Nights

Posted 01/22/2013

After a serious cold streak last week, Arizona is on its way to sunny days once again. From Phoenix to Tucson and everywhere in between, we are all rejoicing at the 75 degree afternoons that have finally made themselves known. However, when the sun goes down and we head for the hills, or at least for our homes, chilly temperatures still linger. To help folks heat up their winter evenings, or prolong that cozy holiday feeling, we've gathered a few of our go-to recipes to warm up a cold night. 

Smoking Soups
Soups are usually the first dish that comes to mind when we think about hot dishes, but why stick with the traditional tomato  or clam chowder? Dress up your soups with some unusual ingredients for a great unique taste. Try this roasted cauliflower and cheddar soup for a healthy dinner or a cool take on a classic that the kids will love – lasagna soup.

Hearty Heat
For something more substantial, a baked three cheese macaroni is sure to please all palates and ages alike. For a healthier twist on the chicken pot pie, substitute turkey for the filling. Curious about quinoa? Take a chance with this healthy and hearty superfood by mixing it up into a great warm salad with plenty of fresh herb flavor.

Sizzling Sweets
Trade in summer staples like popsicles and ice cream for warm, wintery treats. Sip on a warm vanilla cider topped with whipped cream and honeyed walnuts. Or go the comfort food route with apple dumplings reminiscent of warm apple cobbler or this molten chocolate cake, complete with oozing hot chocolate sauce.

For more recipes for all year-round check out our Pinterest page. Enjoy!