VIDEO: Time Lapse of ENERGY STAR® Home Build

VIDEO: Time Lapse of ENERGY STAR® Home Build

Posted 11/12/2012

What goes into building a new home? Planning, precision and a well-equipped team. What goes into building an ENERGY STAR® certified home? All of that and more.

Maracay Homes is proud to have built our first eco-efficient ENERGY STAR® certified home in the Chandler homes community of Whispering Heights. Aside from our already high standards for new homes in Arizona, this particular project offers additional features for energy efficiency, health and comfort that require careful implementation from our team of experts along with our partners at SRP.

To be certified as an SRP ENERGY STAR® Home, a home must undergo third-party testing and inspection of everything from the quality of the insulation installed to the refrigerant charge of each air-conditioning unit. The home’s performance level is represented by the HERS Index, a nationally recognized system for measuring home performance. Homes in the ENERGY STAR® program typically receive a rating of 70 or below which means they perform approximately 30 percent better tan a new home built to code minimums. Now what does it look like to make that vision a reality? Well, take a look: