How to Support Our Troops

How to Support Our Troops

Posted 11/11/2014

Veterans Day 2014Today is Veterans Day, and we at Maracay Homes want to take this opportunity to thank the brave individuals who’ve served in our nation’s military and put their lives on the line for the protection and freedom of all Americans.

While parades, speeches and “thank you’s” will fill the air today, we recognize that many Americans would like to do more for our servicemen and women but may not know where to start. Thus, here are a few helpful resources that allow anyone can show their support for veterans year round:

Operation Gratitude: This program annually sends 150,000 care packages filled with snacks, entertainment items, hygiene kits and much more to lift the spirits of service members deployed overseas. Each package contains donated products valued between $75 and $100 and costs the organization $15 to assemble and ship. Civilians can participate in a number of ways, from as little as writing personal letters of encouragement to providing financial donations directly to the organization. Click here for more information on supporting troops through Operation Gratitude.

Cell Phones for Soldiers: Since 2004, this program has provided more than 210 million minutes of free talk time, which has enabled thousands of military members to contact their loved ones while deployed overseas. Getting involved is as easy as printing a shipping label, following a few packaging instructions and sending your old cell phone to the organization. For those who don’t have an old phone but still want to give back, there is an opportunity on the website to donate funds or request free talk time for a military member.

Volunteer at a Veterans Affairs Hospital: Simply locate your VA Medical Center, and click on the Volunteer or Donate button. Each hospital will have a list of ways people can lend a hand, from helping with special events to providing daily hospital care. The website also provides a list of helpful information, including eligibility requirements, dates and hours of operation and much more.

For a list of other ways to support and honor U.S. military service members, visit Happy Veteran’s Day 2014! We honor those who serve today, and always.

Photo credit: B Tal / Foter / CC BY-NC