Tips for Organizing a Home Office

Tips for Organizing a Home Office

Posted 05/09/2017

According to recent data from the U.S. Census and the American Community Survey, a record number of American employees now work from home – about 3.7 million. And, many experts believe that number will increase dramatically by 2020.

With so many Americans choosing to work remotely, it may be no surprise that the home office has become a staple within the new floor-plan designs of many homebuilders, including Maracay Homes. But even with this convenient space built into your residence, working from home can produce many challenges, which is why it’s so important to keep your at-home work environment organized.

Here are a few tips we gathered from Lifehack to help you tidy up your home office and become more efficient:

Create work zones: One of the best ways to increase your workflow efficiency is to establish work “zones” in your office. This should include your main workspace or desk, a reference area with filing cabinets and shelves, and a supply area or closet. Separating these workplace functions into their own areas prevents clutter and helps to keep you feeling in control and focused.

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Remove clutter: It may seem obvious, but clutter can be one of the biggest hindrances to productivity. Start by emptying, shredding and getting rid of anything you don’t absolutely need. Is the printer broken? Then remove it or get it fixed right away. This also applies to other equipment, supplies and even furniture. If you haven’t used it in months, it’s time to say goodbye.

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Clear piles: Moving everything into piles can give you a false sense of organization. But really, piles of paperwork and other items just put a band aid on the issue of being unorganized. Sort through old piles and put each item in its appropriate place or simply throw it away, if it’s not needed. It’s also helpful to utilize storage boxes to archive files and keep them out of the way at the same time. However, you shouldn’t keep things too long, so assign discard dates to every piece of paper, including legal or financial documents, which typically have requirements on how long they should be kept.

Sort mail: Mail is one of the main contributors to piles. That’s why it’s so important to sort mail as soon as you get it. Start by taking out the pieces you need right away and labeling the rest with tags like to act, to read, to file, to delegate or to hand off.

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