The Marquis Collection

The Marquis Collection

Posted 07/19/2013

Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc.

We all aspire to be the king of our own castle. We want a place that is simply our own, crafted and mainted exactly how we want it to appropriately high standards. For those who seek that sense of nobility, the Marquis Collection, one of eight new home series that comprise Maracay Homes’ New Arizona Living Collection.

Reserved for Maracay’s mid-sized home designs, the name “marquis” refers to excellence and quality. As the regal name suggests, these properties have distinctive features that will make any owner feel like a king. 

A few of the signature highlights of Marquis Collection homes include:

  • Large Covered Porch: Enjoy your domain while having more connectivity to family and friends 
  • Inviting Exteriors: These visually interesting elevations show off your individuality
  • Bonus Room: This completely customizable space makes you the boss as it can be designed to suit an array of personal hobbies 
  • Three Car Garage: Plenty of space for storage and toys, too

Unique and thoughtfully designed, Marquis Collection homes are available now in the East Valley at Villagio and Artesian Ranch