Thanksgiving Cocktails

Thanksgiving Cocktails

Posted 11/21/2016

Thanksgiving is all about the extravagant feast… but it’s important that you don’t forget about the drinks!  Why not surprise your guests this year with a signature cocktail to serve after the meal?  It’s time to pull out the shakers and martini glasses because you’re about to become a very festive bartender.

Thanksgiving revolves around the turkey, so it’s only fitting to drink Wild Turkey 101 bourbon. This dessert cocktail is a creamy after-dinner delight. Topped with warm, gooey caramel, you would feel guilty not having seconds.

Cider and wine are both Thanksgiving meal must-haves, but did you know you can mix the two together to create a perfect, warm cocktail? Check out this Mulled Wine recipe and get the mugs ready.

There’s a good chance that either you or someone you know is a beer person. Most beers aren’t very festive, but with this Spiced Chocolate Stout Beer Cocktail recipe, you can transform your average ale into a post-feast dessert. Your guests will be very thankful.

Cranberry pairs well with turkey, dinner rolls and especially vodka. This Cranberry Hot Toddy combines two classic cocktails and gives it a festive spin. It’s perfect for chilly Thanksgiving weather.

Hot chocolate is the mascot of winter drinks. Spice up the classic cocoa with some cayenne pepper and tequila. This Mexicocoa will trick you into thinking you’re celebrating Thanksgiving south of the border. More tequila, please!

Cheers to a wonderful holiday and Happy Thanksgiving!