Why Buy in a Good School District

Living near quality schools obviously contributes to better educational opportunities for your children. But, whether you have kids or not, living in a high-performing school district can also provide huge benefits for you as a homeowner, from preserving your home’s value to providing a faster resale rate. In a market where values are driven by …

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Americans Prefer Newly Built Homes

Modern features, customizable options and less maintenance are all among the many reasons most Americans — twice as many to be exact — would prefer purchasing new homes vs existing homes, according to the latest online survey from Trulia, a leading online residential real estate site. Of the more than 2,000 survey respondents, 41 percent …

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The New Normal

Is there really any such thing as “normal”? The folks at real estate data company Trulia believe so, especially when it comes to defining how things should look in the nation’s housing industry. Their monthly Housing Barometer conveniently gauges how quickly the residential market is moving back to normal based on the performance of construction …

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