Putting the “Right” in Right-Sizing

In the post-recession economy, less is more, and thoughtfully designed living spaces trump super-sized, big-for-the-sake-of-being-big homes almost every time. In fact, real estate industry experts have coined a phrase to describe this aspect of the re-engineered American Dream of homeownership. They call it “right-sizing.” Unlike downsizing, right-sizing refers to more than just square footage. Gale …

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Introducing the New Arizona Living Collection

Drum Roll, Please … Introducing the New Arizona Living Collection! More convenience. More customization. More connectivity. That’s what buyers will find in Maracay Homes’ exciting New Arizona Living Collection, an assemblage of next-generation home designs unveiled today. The result of more than $4 million in investment and two-plus years of research and market observation, the …

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