Multigenerational Suites – New Arizona Living Collection

Life is full of transitions. Adult children grow up and move away…then return. Aging parents reach a point where they no longer are able to live alone. And occasionally, a visit from out-of-town friends develops into an extended stay as they search for accommodations to make their visit a little more permanent. If any of …

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Multigenerational Living at Maracay Homes

One big happy family, all under one roof. Multigenerational living is on the rise, thanks to the after effects of the Great Recession and the aging of America. Nearly 17% of the population – about 54 million Americans — now live in multigenerational households, according to NextAvenue. This number is almost double what it was …

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More Adults Moving Back Home

The after-effects of the Great Recession continue to shape household formation — not only changing the way people live but impacting the housing market, as well. As many as 1.2 million more young adults aged 25-34 live with their parents than just eight years ago, according to researchers who say the trend is a result …

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Home Buyer Behavior Reveals Generational Trends

Between the rise of the boomer generation and the ever-examined millennials of Gen Y, invaluable information for seemingly every industry can be gleaned from studying various age groups. Home building and buying are of no exception. A recent report conducted by the National Association of Realtors examined the buying patterns of five segments to determine …

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Multigenerational Housing Becomes the New Normal

Life happens. For a number of reasons – be it finances, health or otherwise – families are readjusting the way they live to adjust to life’s ever-changing circumstances. Multiple generations are coming together, living under one roof for both temporary and extended periods of time. So what’s a homebuilder to do to respond to the …

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On the Rise: Multigenerational Households

It is no secret that the ‘traditional’ household has been an ever-evolving, ever-expanding idea for decades now. Some couples prefer dual sleeping arrangements, many opt to give their pets a larger piece of the spacial pie and, as NBC News reported today, multiple generations of families decide to live under the same roof. More than …

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