What Homebuyers Want

The holidays are here and everyone is making a wish-list, including new home buyers. With the holidays lurking just around the corner, it’s never too soon to bust out a wish list in preparation for the gift-giving season. Even home buyers can’t resist the urge to get in on the fun. According to the National …

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Re-Think Thanksgiving Recipes

It’s exactly one week until Thanksgiving. Are you stressing over cooking a superbly succulent stuffing or the most golden turkey on the block? No need to worry, there are pins-a-plenty for that thanks to our fabulous friends at Pinterest. We know your holiday table is sure to include the traditional turkey and mashed potatoes, but …

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DIY: Haunting Halloween

While it’s spooky to think that Halloween is almost here again the haunting holiday is fast approaching giving homeowners the perfect excuse to have a little fun. Since the Pinterest phenomena has swept the nation, Halloween decorating no longer has to mean plastic pumpkins and dusty cobwebs. These days, it’s all about some creative imagination for DIY …

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National Good Neighbor Day

The relationship between neighbors can often be a tricky one as dinner parties invitations, house sitting obligations and the ever-lovely ‘please keep your new puppy out of my rose garden’ sentiments tend to arise. They can turn out to be some of your best friends and certainly your greatest allies when handled with care. This …

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