Bricks, Brunches and Brainstorms: The Warehouse District in Downtown Phoenix.

Made up of 36 large produce warehouses and distribution centers spanning 14 x 6 blocks, the Warehouse District was once the heart of Arizona’s goods and services industry. Today, one might call it the heart—and brain—powering the expansion of Downtown Phoenix. Thanks to a recent influx of modern businesses that have rediscovered the district, a new, adventurous spirit and game-changing creativity has rejuvenated these old streets.

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Good Times by Design: Holiday Entertaining & Floor Plans at Avance.

Being a great host is part talent, part hard work and part making the best of your surroundings. Which is a lot easier when your surroundings are designed to make having a great time, just happen naturally. That’s why no matter the floor plan, all of Avance’s South Mountain homes share some fantastic design features in common—perfect for stellar hosting and guesting! Just in time for the festive season, here’s your guide to jolly and impressive, elegant and inviting entertaining across Avance’s Great Indoors.

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A Backyard Like No Other: South Mountain Preserve.

Many neighborhoods have nice backyards. But the modern homes at our upcoming Avance community at South Mountain come with a backyard that’s as large and impressive as it gets: an entire mountain. And not just any mountain. Because South Mountain isn’t only filled with mind-boggling natural beauty and gorgeous scenery, it’s also home to an incredible variety of hiking trails.

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