Summer Savings: Creatively Convert Trash to Treasure

Summer Savings: Creatively Convert Trash to Treasure

Posted 08/17/2012

If you are anything like the Maracay Homes team, being eco-minded and environmentally responsible ranks fairly high on your priority list. We’re proud to help our homeowners go green and save green, every day, through our LivingSmart® program which offers four pillars of sustainable building and living, too.

One key element to our homes are the EarthSmart® features which include carpet made of recycled materials and architect-specified wood doors that were made without sacrificing any trees. From start to finish, Maracay is conscious of what materials are used and how they affect the environment.

An EarthSmart-attitude can go beyond the build and into your everyday habits. Take some extra time to save money and nature too by making small steps toward a big impact. The most common way to do good for Mother Earth? Recycling. Obvious as it may seem, there are a variety of creative tips and tricks to bring your eco-efforts to the next level.

Be aware of the materials you are using and throwing away. In addition to separating plastics, paper and glass, there are a ton of ideas to reuse regular household objects that would normally never see the light of day again. Items like plastic food bottles, egg cartons and film canisters are usually thrown out with a care, but they can easily be cleaned right up and re-used in another form.

With a little creativity and practicality, plastic food bottles can be reused for homemade condiments. Those old egg cartons? They find new life (quite literally) as planters for seedlings. Find those and more than 40 other ideas for turning your trash into treasures, on this handy website.

Recycling can also be used to create cute crafts that are sure to impress and appear to be anything but trash when you’re through. Since CD’s have more or less become obsolete these days, take your old cases and turn them into a mini-greenhouse. It just takes a steady hand, some glue and a few seeds before you have yourself a self-contained garden that’s especially fun for the kids to maintain.

Want to give that greenhouse as a gift? Wrap it up in a newspaper print gift bag made from yesterday’s edition of the Arizona Republic. Just grab some old newsprint, cardstock, glue and fold away. (We promise it’s easier than origami.) You can find and easy step-by-step tutorial here.

Have you recycled anything and made a cool project out of it? Check out our DIY decorating ideas and share your tips with us!