Summer-Proofing Your Home

Summer-Proofing Your Home

Posted 05/19/2015


When it comes to summer readiness, we know Arizonans are pros. From making sure to stay hydrated to loading on the sunblock, Arizonans know exactly how to prepare for all that summer brings. But what about your home?

With June and (monsoon season) right around the corner, we want to make sure our homeowners are prepared, comfortable and save money all year-round. Although Maracay Homes are energy-efficient and designed for maximum comfort and sustainability, there are ways that homeowners can go the extra mile when it comes to having a home that is exceptionally safe, clean and comfy, specifically for summer.

To start, prepare your home from the outside, in. Spend a little time outside patching up or painting any unsightly cracks in the exterior of your home before it gets unbearably hot. Not only are they visually unappealing, but they can cause rotting and allow unwanted heat to get in. For monsoon preparedness, make sure your rain gutters and drains are cleared and ready for flash floods, and trim tree branches so they don’t fall in the event of a storm.

Invest in ceiling and floor fans, if you haven’t already. Cranking up the AC to near-arctic temperatures may sound heavenly, but it will also rack up your energy usage and utility costs. An average residential AC unit running for 12 hours a day can cost more than $150 a month to operate. A ceiling fan costs less than a penny an hour to operate, that's around $3.50 a month!

While fans do their part to create a cooler living space, they pose no match for the 110+ degree weather. During summer, it’s almost impossible not to turn on your air conditioner, but to ensure that you get the most out of your system, make sure to change the air filters regularly. Keeping your air ducts clean and unblocked will not only give your home as much airflow as possible, but also keep your AC system from working on overload and wasting more energy than needed.

Don’t forget to prep the pool! Check the levels, inspect the pumps and change the light bulbs. Do a little upkeep now to make sure everything looks and operates as it should before you jump in later!