Show Your Home Some Summer Lovin’

Show Your Home Some Summer Lovin’

Posted 03/26/2013

Spring may have sprung last week, but since us Phoenicians only enjoy spring temperatures for a limited time, we have to start thinking about the hot summer days that are to come sooner rather than later.

Although Maracay Homes are energy-efficient and save homeowners money all year-round, there are ways that homeowners can go the extra mile when it comes to having an operating home that is safe and clean specifically for summer.

Condition the AC
Get your air conditioner all ready for the sweltering summer temperatures. Change your filter and dust off the outside unit. Don’t forget to add the chimney to your spring cleaning to-do list to increase circulation of air. 

In order to have your unit in its tip-top shape, have your unit serviced by a technician to ensure it is in working order before the triple digit temperatures hit.  

Exterior Clean-Up
Before it gets too warm, take time to paint the exterior of your home and fill in unsightly cracks. Not only are the cracks visually unappealing, but they can cause rotting. It is also the perfect time to plant new landscape and clean up flowers and plants damaged by winter freeze.

Hold Up Holes
While outside, you can also check hoses for leaks and tears. These tools are used a lot during the summertime to keep lawns from going brown, so be sure to repair them to save yourself money and a headache from a flooded garden.

Pipe Cleaners
Before monsoon rains flood the streets and gutters, be sure to clean out your house gutters and pipes. Regular maintenance to these pipes will prevent water damage from overflowing rainwater.

To ensure your home is in tip-top shape all year round, check out our Maracay Home Maintenance Checklist