Summer Energy Saving Tips

Summer Energy Saving Tips

Posted 07/24/2015

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Taking a nice, long vacation this summer? Before you lock the front door and head out of town, be sure to check on appliances and household items to make sure they’re doing their part to maximize efficiency and protect your home while you’re away. This simple act will help reduce energy usage and save you money in the long run.

Best of all, the planet and your wallet will thank you as you keep these energy-saving tips from SRP in mind for your short and long trips:


Make sure all windows are securely shut, curtains are closed and blinds are drawn. This will help keep sunlight out and help prevent your house from getting too warm while you’re away.


Check each room and turn off any unnecessary lamps or lights. Make sure to keep a few lights on for security purposes; those are typically best placed in the front and back of the house. It’s also a smart idea to put these security lights on a timer.  This will not only reduce your energy usage, but will act as an extra layer of security for your home, giving you even more peace of mind while you’re on vacation.


Take a moment to unplug alarm clocks, toasters, the coffee maker and any other small appliances that won’t be in use while you’re away. There’s no need for them to be plugged in if you’re not going to be using them.


Give yourself a little extra time to clean out the refrigerator and throw away any items that might spoil. You would hate to come home to a stinky house. If you are leaving for a lengthy amount of time, it is wise to throw everything away from the refrigerator, clean it out and unplug the entire appliance. If you’re only going away for a short period of time, simply throwing away the items and turning the temperature up a few degrees will save you energy.

Also, don’t forget to turn the air conditioning up before you leave. SRP recommends setting the thermostat at 85 to 87 degrees, unless something in your home might suffer heat damage.

Enjoy your vacation!