Spruce Up Your Space for Spring.

Spruce Up Your Space for Spring.

Posted 03/19/2019

Spring is in the air. And, you know what that means– it’s time to welcome in sunshine, warm breezes, colorful flowers and longer days.

It’s also an opportunity to embrace your inner Marie Kondo by taking a few minutes to freshen up your home and tidy anything that may have been weighing you down. So if you’re ready to spruce up your space, read on for a few tips to help get you started.

Cut the Clutter

One of the first principles of decluttering, according to the KonMari method, is to hold the item and determine if it “sparks joy.” If it doesn’t, then you thank it and out it goes. Kondo suggests tidying by categories, such as books, clothing and kitchen items, rather than by room. Once you see your space has transformed with just a little time and elbow grease, you’ll be glad you took the plunge. Plus, who doesn’t love a clutter-free home?

Swap Your Color Scheme

After you’ve cleared out the clutter, update a room or two by playing with the color scheme for a new look and feel. Swap out dark, heavy curtains for one made of a light, sheer fabric, toss in a few bright-colored throw pillows, add in a new throw rug or – if you’re feeling adventurous – a fresh coat of paint. Bring the season into your home a little more by topping tables with spring blossoms, springs of lavender or colorful baubles. Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration.

Clean Green

It’s easy to ditch chemical-ridden cleaning supplies when you know how to whip up your own natural alternatives with ingredients you most likely have in your pantry. Switching to DIY cleaners that contain white vinegar (which kills 99 percent of bacteria), lemon juice, lavender oil or baking soda not only reduces your risk of indoor air pollution, it also eliminates poisonous chemicals from your household and saves you money. Give these DIY cleaning solutions a try in your home.

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