Spruce up for Spring

Spruce up for Spring

Posted 03/17/2016


Springtime brings with it an abundance of change, from longer days to sprouting blossoms and lots of sunshine. Sometimes, change is nice, especially when it involves switching things up at home to reflect the cheerful season ahead. Since a quarterly extreme home makeover is a little over the top, we’ve compiled a few simple ideas to spruce up your home for spring without breaking the bank or consuming your entire spring break.

Cut the Clutter

Whether it’s your home office desk, the kids’ playroom or the never-ending shoe collection in your closet, there’s always one thing in the house that could use a little declutter and pick-me-up. Browse Pinterest for genius DIY organization ideas or grab a “donation” bag and just start purging! Once you see your space has transformed with just a little time and elbow grease, you’ll be glad you did. Plus, who doesn’t love a clutter-free home?

Swap the Scheme

Swapping the color scheme in a room or two is not only easy, but also completely changes the look, feel and atmosphere of your space. Add a few bright, colored pillows to your couch, swap dark curtains for a light, sheer fabric, add a fun throw rug, or – if you’re feeling adventurous – add a fresh coat of paint. When it’s time to accessorize, top tables with spring blossoms, sprigs of lavender or unique, colorful baubles. Feeling crafty? Grab your glue gun (and a few gal pals) and try these DIY décor ideas this weekend.

Think Green

Ditch those odorous, chemical-ridden cleaning supplies for a few natural, DIY cleaners. Easy to make and just as effective, all-natural cleaning elixirs are the spring cleaning solution you’ve been waiting for, with ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry. Switching to DIY cleaners that contain white vinegar (which kills 99 percent of bacteria — take that, Lysol), lemon juice, lavender oil or baking soda not only reduces your risk of indoor air pollution, but eliminates poisonous chemicals from your household (you’re welcome, Fido), and saves you money. Try these DIY cleaning solution recipes on for size. Need more inspiration? We’ve gathered a few of our favorites, plus more tips, on Pinterest.