Spruce up your Backyard for Spring

Spruce up your Backyard for Spring

Posted 03/21/2014

It’s official – spring has sprung. And while places in the East and Midwest are celebrating by digging out from under a recent snow storm, here in Arizona, we’re taking advantage of the pitch-perfect, not-too-cool-and-not-too-warm days and nights by spending every available moment outdoors before the summer heat settles in.

On this second day of spring, why not take a moment to look around your backyard and figure out how to spruce up your space to make the most of the season? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Spring Clean  It’s more than just washing windows and airing out the house. Spring cleaning, backyard style, is a great way to shake off the winter dust and transition into summer. Start in the yard by going after weeds early in the season before they have a chance to go to seed. Clean up blown leaves and toss out old or broken furniture. If you have grass, clear the way for new growth. Use a rake to dethatch tangled roots, allowing water, sunlight and nutrients to penetrate the soil for a lush summer lawn.

Plant a Pot of Veggies – You don’t need a large space to plant a vegetable garden. All you need is a suitable container, a bunch of soil and a strategic mix of starter plants and seeds. The folks at Sunset magazine used a galvanized water trough (purchased at a livestock feed store) to plant an edible garden that produced ingredients for three summer standbys: gazpacho, pasta with tomatoes and basil, and Bloody Marys. See how they did it here.

Add Some Color! – Spring is one of Mother Nature’s most colorful seasons. Add your own pop of color with furniture, accessories and brightly decorated containers. Take your inspiration from nature and don’t be shy about mixing complementary styles and hues. Need even more inspiration? Check out these bright ideas and examples.

What are you still doing inside? Get outdoors and enjoy spring!