Spring Cleaning Tips for the Home

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Home

Posted 03/20/2015

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On this first day of spring, we bid adieu to winter by ceremoniously opening the windows, listening to the birds sing and giving our homes a fresh, new start!

Whether you want to organize the kitchen pantry or give the baseboards a good scrub, spring cleaning is a great opportunity to get all these seemingly tedious, yet necessary tasks done. It may seem a bit daunting, but to make things easier, we’ve created a guide (and handy Pinterest board) with tips, tricks and checklists to give your home a nice, spring refresher, while still leaving time leftover to get outdoors and enjoy Arizona’s beautiful spring weather.

Here are some pointers to get you started:

Begin by decluttering. Sorting through closets, craft drawers, cupboards and even old paperwork on your home desk can be a great way to get rid of unnecessary items and organize your storage spaces. Need more inspiration? Try these five home organization blogs for tips.

–  Dig deep.  it’s always a good idea to give each room a good, deep clean, to eliminate any germs or dust that may have been left behind. Aside from your regular cleaning routine, here are 10 neglected areas in homes that may need some extra cleaning love this season, like under the sink and inside medicine cabinets.   

Go green. One of the problems with all this cleaning is the use of harmful (and smelly) chemicals. For a better-smelling and eco-friendly solution, try this assortment of green cleaning products that you can make with just a few natural ingredients like lemon juice, white vinegar and lavender oil. Not only are they just as effective at removing dirt and bacteria – if not moreso – they’re made of all-natural and harmless ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about using them around kids or pets.