Spooky Sweet Treats

Spooky Sweet Treats

Posted 10/31/2013


The jack-o-lanterns are lit, the kids are costumed and the spirit of spooky is in the air. That’s right, friends, a very happy Halloween has arrived! While the sugar rushes from trick-or-treat candies can be entertaining, enjoy some time in your beautiful kitchen tonight and whip up some holiday delights with an eerie twist. Here are a few of our fun and easy favorites:

Bone Bites: Take pretzel rods and attach a marshmallow to either end. Dip in melted white chocolate, let dry and enjoy.

Brain Cupcakes: Add cherry pie filling to the center of a traditional vanilla cupcake batter. Top with pink squiggled icing for a creepy cake.

Vampire Smiles: Cut red apples into slices and line one side of each slice with peanut butter. Line mini marshmallows along one slice, adhering to the peanut butter, and sandwich another slice on top.

Monster Eyes: Add some green food coloring to sugar cookie dough. Bake and, just before cool, add a marshmallow topped with a chocolate chip to the center to create a looker of a cookie.

What are you serving up to your little boys and ghouls this year? Whatever the treats may entail, we hope you have a happy and safe Halloween!