Smart Tips for Saving Water

Smart Tips for Saving Water

Posted 09/14/2012

It is no secret that water is a precious resource that must be carefully conserved. Here in the desert, we must take that mentality just that much closer to heart as we are no strangers to drought. As Phoenicians, we are used to the bone-dry dusty landscapes and we relish those rare rainstorms that wet the streets, water our plants and elate our spirits.

At Maracay Homes, we realize the importance of the water outside and incorporate the conservation mentality into landscaping and appliances inside the home through WaterSmart, one of the four pillars of our renowned LivingSmart® program. Desert-dwellers who want to save gallons each day can enjoy features such as Delta WaterSense-labeled faucets that cut water usage, low-flow toilets, water-sensing irrigation valves and reverse osmosis systems. With these systems, Maracay homeowners can save up to 50 percent in water consumption, which is great for the environment and the checkbook too.

For those who want to take conversation to the next level, here are a few tips for saving water and money that you may have not yet considered:

  • Instead of using your garbage disposal to get rid of leftovers from dinner, compost the garbage. Making the scraps into compost will save you gallons each time while creating a nutrient-rich addition to your garden’s soil, too.
  • Install water-softening systems to run the minimum number of regenerations to conserve water softness.
  • Hard to install and easy to forget, be sure to keep a close eye on sprinklers, adjusting them so that they are not watering the house and street in addition to your grass and plants.
  • Around 22 percent of water use inside the home comes from laundry. Only run washing machines and dryers if they are completely full, making sure the settings correspond to your load size.
  • Be sure to cover your pools during the winter months to save hundreds of gallons from evaporating throughout the season.

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