Quick Tips For Moving To A New City

Quick Tips For Moving To A New City

Posted 01/14/2014

Let’s be honest: moving is stressful. You must select the best builder, determine the ideal neighborhood, choose your favorite floor plan and of course, pay mind to the financials. Add acclimating to a new city to the list and it can certainly be a recipe for restless nights.

Whether you are heading across town or to a new state, relocation is undoubtedly nerve-wracking. Here are a few hints to help with what are perhaps the two biggest sources of strain: knowing where to go and meeting new people.

Challenge: Knowing where to go.

  • Get the App(s) For That: As with everything these days, some of the most helpful information is at your fingertips, literally. Use your smart phone to access a variety of applications that can help familiarize you with your new city. Our pick for must-have? AroundMe, because there will be a number of times you need a gas station or grocery store and won’t know where to turn.
  • Check Into the CVB: So you have the lay of the land, now it’s time to enjoy it. Conventions and visitors bureaus are organizations that work to bring both business and leisure travelers to the city so they specialize in knowing the latest and greatest along with the tried and true. Though your visit will not be so temporary, the CVB is a great place to turn to better understand the things to do, places to eat, upcoming events, all of the fun happenings and best businesses in your new hometown.

Challenge: Meeting new people.

  • Pick Up An Activity: Making friends in a new city can be incredibly intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! There are a variety of hobby-based social groups that serve as a great way to get to know your neighbors in a casual setting. Join a kickball or softball team to get active with your new network. Seeking something more low-key? Try an art class or book club. These groups make for a fun and approachable way to meet new people while connecting over common interests.
  • Tap Your Network: For an even easier ‘in’ to a new group of friends, seek a local chapter of an organization to which you already belong. Check into your professional groups, university alumni association or non-profit affiliates to meet others who share similar backgrounds and passions that you do. 

Bonus: If your upcoming move includes a relocation to a Maracay Homes community, we have done some of the leg work for you! Be sure to use our handy liifestyle and ammenities guide for each neighborhood to see all of the nearby schools, shopping, recreation, culture, hospitals and major employers specific to your new address. 

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