Swimming Season: Pool Maintenance Tips

Swimming Season: Pool Maintenance Tips

Posted 07/14/2015


We know there’s nothing better than jumping in a clean, sparkling pool. To ensure your investment stays pristine, it’s important to check and clean your swimming pool on a regular basis. The extreme summer heat can be draining on your pool for multiple reasons; here are a few pool maintenance tips to keep in mind this season and throughout the year:

Pool Cleaning: The water, pool pump and pool deck all need your attention this season. Skimming the pool for dust, leaves and other debris a few times a week is vital to the overall health of your pool and pool pump. Experts recommend checking your filter once a week, emptying the basket a few times a week and inspecting your pump’s pipes about once a month for blockages or excess debris that can cause the system to backup.

Sunscreen and tanning oils can leave a glistening film over your pool, Freshome Magazine suggests letting a tennis ball float in the water, the fibers on the outside of the ball will absorb the oils.  Don’t forget to sweep and spray down your pool deck about once a week too, this will help to make sure pet dander and other outdoor dirt doesn’t make it’s way into your pool.

Pool Water: Keep a close eye on your pool’s water level; water levels that are too low or too high can throw your chemical composition off balance. Your water level should sit in the middle of the top tile. If your pool level is too low, use your outside hose to refill your pool to the appropriate height. If you have too much water, perhaps from heavy rainfall, you can rent a pump to get rid of the excess water. This is not often necessary in Arizona, but it’s always good to be prepared for the occasional heavy flash flooding.

Pool Chemicals: Crystal clear pool water is always the goal and it’s easy to achieve. You can buy a pool testing kit at your local pool store to assess the current state of your water and learn how to get your pool’s chemical composition in balance. According to Freshome, you should test your chemical levels once a week. A series of extremely hot summer days, hosting a pool party or a big summer storm can throw off your pool’s pH level. Be sure to test and adjust the pH balance weekly, especially after events like this to make sure you’re always swimming in crystal clear water.

While many homeowners take pool maintenance into their own hands, it is also important to trust the experts. Having a professional inspect the pool once a year, usually before summer starts, will set you up for a successful swimming season.

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