We Love our Phoenix and Tucson Realtors

We Love our Phoenix and Tucson Realtors

Posted 07/22/2015

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We Love Realtors

We truly value our relationships with our Arizona realtors. After all, they play an incredibly important role in the home-buying process.

We also love that we share so many commonalities, like our mutual love of stunning, quality homes, chock-full of luxurious and efficient amenities; our keen eye for finding locations with all the conveniences that homeowners hope for; and our goals to serve the most important people in the entire real estate process: homebuyers!

Customers trust realtors to provide their expertise in helping them make one of the biggest decisions of their life. Realtors not only offer valuable insight on trends and features, but are also trained to find the perfect home for each person.

We appreciate our realtors, so much in fact, that we offer realtors incentives through our Maracay Homes Realtor Rewards programs. Agents who work with buyers to select a home in one of our Phoenix, or Tucson-area neighborhoods can receive a 3-percent co-broke on all new builds and move-in ready homes, with additional incentives on selected inventory.

Arizona realtors’ loyalty on new builds and inventory sales will be rewarded with higher commission levels for each buyer transaction January 2, 2015 through December 31, 2015. Click here to see the full breakdown.

For more information on Maracay Homes or to view our available inventory, please visit our neighborhoods page.