Outdoor Living Design Trends for 2017

Outdoor Living Design Trends for 2017

Posted 03/09/2017

From weekend barbecues and family pool parties to alfresco dining nearly everyday of the week, Arizonans are no strangers to outdoor living, especially this time of year when the words “sunny and 75” are part of everyone’s daily vocabulary.

Outdoor entertaining has become so popular in Arizona, in fact, the backyard is no longer just an afterthought but rather an extension of the home. Designs trends have embraced this way of life, essentially bringing the indoors outside, providing homeowners a backyard with the same privacy, comfort and functionality as the home’s interior.

So, what’s on the horizon for outdoor living in 2107? Here’s a closer look at some of the top design trends we can expect to see this year:

Decked-out Kitchens: Full-service kitchens with appliances, grills, storage units and accessories are making outdoor entertaining much easier. Grill masters no longer need to worry about carting food back and forth from the kitchen and can spend more time socializing with their guests out back. The similarities between an indoor and outdoor kitchen don’t just stop with the appliances, either. The latest designs in backyard bistros also offer high-end countertops and cabinets constructed with weather-resistant materials in shades that complement the metallic appliances placed between them.

Lights: Landscape lighting is not just about safety, security and convenience anymore. Homeowners are taking advantage of the ambience lighting can provide, from drawing attention to plant beds and specific landscaping features to highlighting paths, hardscape features and staircases. This year is expected to see an increase in the use of solar-powered, energy-efficient LED lights, which contribute to more environmentally-conscious landscapes.

Low Maintenance: Wood and other high-maintenance materials are seeing a decrease in popularity as more people switch to materials like concrete pavers, which are eco-friendlier and much easier to maintain. People are also moving to low-maintenance yards by adorning plant beds with native varieties to create a landscape that requires very little upkeep and can withstand the climate’s challenges.

Functional Hardscape Features: From fire pits to concrete sitting areas, homeowners are increasingly adding hardscape features that promote social interaction while elevating the ambiance of their backyard. For those who don’t want permanent structures, pergolas, gazebos and other outdoor furniture easily create a warm atmosphere and protect the family from the elements.

Pet Pens and Playgrounds: As pets continue to warm the hearts of their owners, more homeowners are implementing backyard designs with amenities that enrich their furry friends’ lives. Some features include ground-level water features that provide pets with drinking water and a place to play. Fencing has also become a popular addition to the backyard, allowing pets to have a place to play without wandering off or encountering dangerous roaming animals.

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