On the Rise: Multigenerational Households

On the Rise: Multigenerational Households

Posted 10/25/2012
Multigenerational households are on the rise, comprising 5.6 percent of all family households in the U.S. Maracay Homes offers new solutions with generation suite designs.

It is no secret that the ‘traditional’ household has been an ever-evolving, ever-expanding idea for decades now. Some couples prefer dual sleeping arrangements, many opt to give their pets a larger piece of the spacial pie and, as NBC News reported today, multiple generations of families decide to live under the same roof.

More than 4.3 million of U.S. households are now multigenerational, meaning families are living together that include a grandparent, parent and children along with other family members. A multi-gen style now accounts for 5.6 percent of the total family households in the nation, a number that is up 2 percent since 2000. The statistic is even higher in the West with 6.2-11 percent of homes in Arizona and the surrounding states being comprised of multigenerational families.

For many, the shift comes from a sluggish economy. For some, it is simply a cultural preference. Regardless of reason, the definition of a ‘traditional’ household seems, in many ways, to no longer exist. So where does that leave us as providers of households? It leaves us to answer the needs of what does exist rather than trying to fit everything into the box of what was.

“In designing our homes we ask ourselves one key question,” explained Dan Swift, principle of BSB Design, a firm that consults to develop Maracay Homes neighborhoods. “What do the spaces that suit a family’s lifestyle look like? We design to make things easier, more practical; we design for the way they actually live.”

To address the need for multigenerational homes, Maracay has developed a series of attached and detached generation suites to serve the modern family’s lifestyle in our newest communities, Savannah and Montelena. “We want to give grandparents, siblings or whomever a space that is their own in a practical but desirable sense ” said Swift.

Generation suites include everything an independent homeowner would need without compromising the closeness and ease of social interaction with the rest of the family. To learn more about our options for multigenerational homes in Arizona – and to find a home that suits the way your family actually lives – contact a sales representative in your desired community.