No One-Size-Fits-All Here

No One-Size-Fits-All Here

Posted 11/27/2015

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One-size-fits-all is great if you’re shopping for a pair of socks. But, for a home? Not so much. Maracay Homes believes your home should be as individual as you are – and that’s where our revolutionary FlexDesign® program comes in.

FlexDesign provides an opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind home from the comfort of your own keyboard. Using an online program, it’s easy to select from a variety of design options and incorporate them into a new floor plan that best fits your family’s individual needs and lifestyles. Need a casita for your mother-in-law more than you need a third garage to stow your stuff? You got it. How about a teen retreat for those video-game marathons your son and his friends love to stage? Done.

Once you’ve arrived at the ideal layout, you can virtually add and rearrange furniture, install ceiling fans, locate electrical outlets and more. After everything’s in place, save, print or email your masterpiece. It only takes a few minutes to create the home of your dreams.

When it’s time to make your dream home a reality, Maracay’s two Design Studios in Scottsdale and Tucson are ready to assist. Working side-by-side with a certified allied member ASID designer, you’ll be able to choose the flooring, countertops and fixtures that will bring your vision to life.

 Maracay Homes understands that people are not one-size-fits-all. Their homes shouldn’t be, either.