New Year’s Eve Party Ideas for the Family

New Year’s Eve Party Ideas for the Family

Posted 12/22/2016

‘Tis the season for hosting! Cap off the wonderful holiday season with a family-friendly New Year’s Eve Party. It’s a great opportunity to bring family, friends and neighbors together for a festive night that everyone can enjoy. Here are a few party ideas to make sure the last night of 2016 is an absolute blast:

Dress Up
End the year in style! Encourage your guests to dress their best, wearing their most festive formal attire and glittery accessories.

Party Hats
From top hats to sparkling headbands, offer your guests a party hat when they arrive. You only get to wear “Happy New Year” hats once a year, so make the most if it! Here are a few fun options you can purchase or try to make on your own.

Photo Booth & Props
Make sure to capture the night with a fun photo booth! Set up a backdrop and supply fun props for your guests to hold up in the picture. From crazy mustaches to colorful boas, your guests will love spending time in front of the camera. Look at these homemade photo booths for inspiration.

Noise Makers
Ring in the new year with a pop, bang or rattle! These fun noise makers are the perfect accessory to have on hand when the clock strikes midnight.

Balloon Pop
Why wait until midnight to celebrate? Blow up balloons for each half hour or hour that your guests will be there, write the time on them and when the clock hits that time, make them pop! Here’s a step-by-step instruction guide for pulling off this party activity without a hitch.

Cookies & Milk
Hosting youngsters at your party? Serve them a fun alternative to champagne or sparkling cider. Fill champagne glasses with ice cold milk and top each glass with a colorful cookie. These treats are sure to be a hit for guests of all ages at the party!

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