Getting the Most Out of Your New-Home Walk-Through

Getting the Most Out of Your New-Home Walk-Through

Posted 04/15/2014

Moving into a new home can be one of the most fulfilling days of your life. But before you settle in, there’s one final, and very important, step to complete: the walk-through.

The walk-through is a chance for you and your builder to tour your new home together, examining it for items in need of correction or adjustment. It’s also an opportunity to learn iStock_000004457844Mediumabout your home and ask questions regarding anything you don’t quite understand.

Often times, new homes have advanced operating systems and special maintenance needs, so many builders use the walk-through to teach the homebuyer how to comfortably navigate the home’s control systems and maintain essential upkeep. To help you get the most of your new-home walk-through, here are a few things to remember:

Make a checklist – Throughout the walk-through process, your construction manager will inspect the home for scratches, chips or other forms of notable damage. While he is examining the house, make an effort to write down everything that needs correction, because cosmetic items usually will not be covered by your warranty after the initial orientation. Don’t forget to examine the exterior of the house as well. Look over the entire yard, ensuring your plants are healthy and the slope of the yard will allow for proper drainage.

Keep notes – During your walk-through you will receive a stack of paperwork, including manufacturers’ instructions for every aspect of your home, from the appliances to the plumbing. This is a great time to take thorough notes, as you might also get a demonstration on how to operate each system within the home.

Slow down – The walk-through is a crucial part of the home-buying process, so remember to slow down and not rush through it. It might be wise to leave the kids at home to avoid distractions. You are essentially meeting your new home for the very first time, so treat the walk-through like a formal introduction and give it the time it deserves.