New Home Accessories

New Home Accessories

Posted 12/30/2013


A new home is an exciting blank canvas for all first-time homeowners. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to accessorizing the walls, furniture and outdoor space. Whether you have a large budget or are working with a tighter wallet, there are several ways to have your personality shine through white walls and tiled floors.

Here are a few ideas and tips when it comes to decorating your space.

Wall Art
Walls do not need to be adorned with pieces of art that cost thousands of dollar to make a lasting impression. You can instead decorate with art created by yourself or your children. Channel your inner-Picasso with colorful collages, string art, stenciled canvases and watercolors for prints that don’t take much artistic talent but look beautiful nonetheless.  

If you already have a collection of art you would love to showcase, be sure to pick the perfect wall to display to all those who enter your home. Arranging the perfect placement takes some planning. Trace the shape of the art onto paper and tape the paper to the wall in order to view the layout before drilling holes. There are a few ways to assemble, including the “galaxy” arrangement that includes one large item in the middle and smaller pieces surrounding; or there is grouping, where similar pieces, whether it’s a similar subject or frame, are grouped together.

Collective Decor
Were you bequeathed grandma’s beloved china set or your aunt’s vase collection? Don’t stick it back in an armoire or closet. Display it with style for unique decor. For smaller items, use divided cases and if you have crystal or glass, set the collection in front of a window to show off the sparkle. To display a collection of natural pieces, like stones or sea shells, use a unique object like a fishbowl or glass globe to fill.

Outdoor Trimmings
With ideal pool weather in the summer and idyllic weather the rest of the year from Tucson to Phoenix, it’s no surprise that Arizonans love to spend time outside. Make your outdoor patio or porch an extension of the inside. Accessorize your outdoor furniture with throw pillows and cushions that coordinate with the desert landscape or are a burst of color. You can anchor furniture with an outdoor rug that will make the space even more livable. Decorate surrounding ledges and side tables with candles, birdhouses and fountains for an added decorative element.