What You Need to Know About Energy Efficiency

What You Need to Know About Energy Efficiency

Posted 01/06/2014

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Over the last few years, we’ve been saturated with sustainability in everything from our cars to our creams, from hotels to household items. There is no dispute that being eco-minded is an important consideration for all goods and services you chose, but what if you are a little lost when it comes to going green?

While we are no expert on organic beauty products or sustainable travel, we can help clear up the confusion in the one place being eco-friendly should begin: at home. Energy efficient homes have gained fast popularity over the past decade and will only continue to become more important in years to come. A number of studies have shown that sustainable building is a key factor for buyers with energy efficiency topping many lists of most important requirements. Here are a few things to know if sustainability is a non-negotiable in your new home:

It can (and should be) included.
Responsible home builders know that employing sustainable practices simply comes standard. Seek a company that offers an eco-minded program at the baseline of its product. For example, all Maracay homes are built utilizing the core components of our LivingSmart® program, no exceptions. And at no extra cost to you.

It’s more than low-waste lightbulbs.
Yes, energy efficient bulbs are crucial, but those are just the beginning. Look for a wide array of features to improve your home’s efficiency in areas you may not always consider. To name a few: recycled attic insulation, radiant barrier roof sheathing, CRI-green label carpet and pad, and water-sensing irrigation valves. (Just to reaffirm item #1 – all of these come standard in Maracay homes.)

It is okay to label it.
Buying a home is a big decision so seeking an accredited builder is incredibly important. Look for labels that affirm their sustainable practices, thus underscoring your values. Our new Energy Star® certified homes are substantially more efficient than those built to minimum requirements over the years. The government-backed label ensures that homes meet strict EPA guidelines and are third-party verified. Need more? Ask about your home’s HERS score, which puts a numerical value to how the property performs on the Home Energy Rating System®.

For more information on energy efficient homes in Arizona, and to get your Maracay home’s HERS score, visit the LivingSmart® homepage