National Good Neighbor Day

National Good Neighbor Day

Posted 09/25/2012

The relationship between neighbors can often be a tricky one as dinner parties invitations, house sitting obligations and the ever-lovely ‘please keep your new puppy out of my rose garden’ sentiments tend to arise. They can turn out to be some of your best friends and certainly your greatest allies when handled with care.

This Friday, Sept. 28 is National Good Neighbor Day, a holiday that began in the ‘70s by a Lakeside, Montana resident who wanted to celebrate her closest friends who happened to reside the closest to her. The day was recognized by her local congressman, multiple governors and Presidents Nixon, Ford and Carter and voila! The day is now a national holiday.

Here are a few tips for you to be the best neighbor you can be this Friday and beyond:

  • Make An Impression: A smile, ‘hello’ and a small gift can go a long way in making a lasting positive impact on a new neighbor. The unknown of a new place and new faces can be overwhelming for anyone so be welcoming and make a great first impression on behalf of the rest of the neighborhood. And don’t stop the congeniality with the first meeting! Continue to give smiles and wave and show that you are always approachable.
  • Come Together: Get to know who is living in your community with a block party, barbeque or other gathering where everyone is welcome. Connect over good food and light spirits to establish friendly relationships that will certainly come in handy down the line. Need ideas of what to serve? Check out our Pinterest page for some easy and delicious recipes!
  • Keep It Clean: The curb appeal of your home not only reflects on you personally but also on the community that surrounds your house. Keep up with the upkeep ensuring that the front of your home remains attractive to the eye, elevating the value of your entire street.
  • Be Aware: Be observant of your every aspect of your neighborhood, from the people to the homes to the common areas and everything in between. Are you seeing unfamiliar faces checking out a house or has your neighbor not picked up their newspaper for a few days? Be sure to check in with your neighbors and report unusual behavior before situations escalate. This will not only keep your own family safe, but will help folks to feel appreciated, cared for and part of the community at large.

The benefits of being a good neighbor are virtually endless and generally mean the best thing of all – your neighbors will be good to you, too.