Meticulously Modern Housing Trends Inspired by Avance.

Meticulously Modern Housing Trends Inspired by Avance.

Posted 06/24/2019

Every so often something special comes along and shakes everything up. It flips our understanding and sets a precedent that others can’t help but follow. That’s exactly what happened when we unveiled our new meticulously modern Avance community in May.

This private community with gated entrances at the base of  South Mountain has become one of the hottest residential communities in the Valley.  Drawing attention for its close proximity to South Mountain and Downtown Phoenix, its adrenaline-powered amenities, and its all-new mid-century modern architectural designs inspired by the colors, forms and natural materials of South Mountain’s iconic setting, Avance offers a new version of home like no where else in Phoenix.

There’s an added bonus, too. Avance’s six model homes are outfitted by interior design celebrity and Netflix’s Queer Eye star Bobby Berk. One look and you’ll agree, these homes are nothing short of trendsetting.

Here’s a closer look at some of our favorite key design trends found at Avance with tips on how to turn your home into an iconic and stylish desert oasis. 

Bold Lines

A critical and distinctive component to any modern home design is the use of crisp, bold lines, often found in the home’s structural elements, such as beams or windows. Easily accentuate these features by adding contemporary wall designs with textured or geometric aspects, sleek metal frames and linear artwork, or area rugs with angular designs to seamlessly pull a room together and add in your own personal style.

Accent Walls

Implementing accent walls not only is a great way to make a bold statement, but allows you to bring a touch of your own taste into any room. Plus, it helps to break up large spaces in your home for a more inviting atmosphere.

Incorporate geometric lines, shapes and patterns into your wallpaper or infuse exposed brick and textile designs to give each room a new twist.

Create your desert-inspired oasis with a crisp white accent wall to give each space a wide-open and free feel, while also giving it a contemporary and modern touch. The clean and classic white wall will never go out of style and the timeless trend will keep you feeling light and upbeat all day long.

Natural Light

The perfect way to invite the warmth of the Southwestern desert into your home is with the use of natural light, straight from the desert itself. Pull back your curtains and open up your windows to bring everything you love about Arizona’s great outdoors directly into your home.

Decorating your window frames with light colored and airy curtains will keep your space feeling harmonious with the desert’s relaxing and natural landscape. The use of natural light will also help you cut down on your electricity bill – it’s an all-around key ingredient to complete your interior design dreams.

Splash of Color

A natural, earthy color palette is perfect for keeping your home in tune with nature, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add color. Accessorize your rooms with bright pops of color to bring your room to life. Create attention grabbing focal points in your space with bright barstools, contrasting throw pillows, spontaneous kitchen backsplashes or vibrant vases.

For more modern design ideas like these, be sure to visit Avance. Set up an appointment to view the community today with our New Home Specialist team at  

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