Maracay Homes President Honored by Greater Phoenix Economic Council

Maracay Homes President Honored by Greater Phoenix Economic Council

Posted 10/19/2012

Congratulations are in order for Maracay Homes‘ President Andy Warren who was honored last night with the Distinguished Service Award for his leadership in the Greater Phoenix Economic Council! Andy was recognized for his outstanding achievements in spearheading GPEC’s resource development efforts, including a new focus on a multi-year commitments. Under his guidance, GPEC will secure 50% of private investment for the next three to five years which will ensure a continued sustainability in key strategic initiatives, as well as the ability to advance progress in areas such as science, technology and innovation.

“I think there is this responsibility we have as leaders in the private sector to be involved, to give back to the community, to look for the best interest of the broader community. A thriving economy is a good thing for all of us and this is just a great way to get involved and  help create that environment,” explained Andy of his involvement in GPEC.

For more, check out this video as Andy reflects on the importance of leadership and GPEC:


Join us in congratulating Andy on a very well-deserved honor!