The Perfect Fit: Customizing Your Home

The Perfect Fit: Customizing Your Home

Posted 06/26/2014

FlexdesignProfessionals buy custom-tailored suits. Athletes and fitness lovers buy custom-made running shoes. Why? Because the perfect fit is hard to find, especially in a world where everything is made in bulk to look the same.

If you wouldn’t settle for a pantsuit that is a half-size too small or needs an extra inch on the sleeves, why should buying a house be any different?

Your home should be an escape, with all the tools and amenities to make your life easier. Your home should fulfill your needs as well as represent your personality, and it should do it perfectly.

Maracay Homes’ FlexDesign® program gives buyers the opportunity to create their dream home, from the nooks and crannies to the outlets and recessed lighting.
Love the outdoors and want an extended covered patio? No problem. Don’t need a formal dining space, but could use an extra bedroom for the little ones? You got it.

Custom home designs are simple with Maracay Homes’ online program which lets you hand-pick from a wide range of customizable options for each Maracay Homes floor plan, from the doors and walk-in closets to the interior décor, until you have the home that will fit you and your lifestyle like a glove (or a custom-made shoe).

Once you’ve crafted your ideal home layout, positioned where your couch and coffeemaker will go and selected where to install the ceiling fans and wall speakers, you can save, print or email the designs.

But you’re not done yet! Maracay Homes’ two Design Studios, in Scottsdale and Tucson, let you feel and experience your home design options in person. Work side-by-side with a certified allied member ASID Designer to choose the flooring, counter-tops and fixtures that will truly complete your unique oasis, from the look to the feel.

Maracay Homes understands that houses are not one size fits all. With FlexDesign®,  you truly can enjoy the “comfort” of home, with a space that fits as great as it looks.