Love & Housing

Love & Housing

Posted 02/14/2013

love and housing

It’s Valentine’s Day, a day known far and wide for love and romance, flowers and candy, and…house-hunting. Well, maybe not house-hunting. But, in honor of Cupid’s holiday, Trulia and Harris Interactive have put together a fun little Love & Housing Survey, which turned up some interesting tidbits about how single men and women view dating and residential real estate.

The survey asked 2,236 U.S. adults to spill their feelings on topics ranging from how homeownership impacts a dating relationship to which amenities in a home make them swoon.

According to the results, roughly a third of both men and women believe owning a home is a signal that someone is ready to settle down.  And as for amenities that make their hearts go pitter patter when shopping for a new home, both genders put the master bathroom at the top of their lists, followed by a walk-in closet. Looks like there’s a temporary truce in the battle of the sexes, at least on these few topics.

Check out what else the lovebirds had to say about their love nests by reading the full survey results for yourself. Happy Valentine’s Day!