Learn all about Avance with our New Home Advisors.

Learn all about Avance with our New Home Advisors.

Posted 05/08/2019

With the grand opening celebration of Avance just days away, there’s no time like the present to get a closer look at the new residential community that’s coming alive at the base of South Mountain on Saturday, May 11.

We sat down with our Avance New Home Advisors to learn more about the prime location, all-new architecture, adrenaline-powered amenities and what it’s like to live just steps away from the nation’s largest municipal park, South Mountain Regional Park. 

Here’s a closer look:

How do the floor plans and architecture of the homes at Avance differ from what’s currently available in the Phoenix new home market?

Avance offers a new outlook on traditional mountain living in the Valley, with its crisp architecture inspired by iconic mid-century modern design and the soul of the American Southwest. Not only are we breaking the mold in new-home architecture, but we are creating something entirely new, unlike anything available in the Valley. Bold rooflines, geometric massing and warm earthy tones with ancient, elemental roots seamlessly blend in with the unique aspects of South Mountain, while maximizing the panoramic views of the city below. Envision sun-washed late summer afternoons and a comfortable lifestyle—all of this embodied in our new collection of homes.

Avance’s amenities seem to encourage residents to live boldly. What amenity are you most excited about and why?

It’s difficult to settle on one, especially when you have a state-of-the-art fitness center, seven unique parks, a yoga lawn and an incredibly designed, beach-entry pool built for laps and leisure with a spa – all available exclusively for residents within the community. But, the direct access to the 51 miles of trails at South Mountain is without a doubt the show stopper. Not every community can boast about having an urban park as impressive and inviting as South Mountain Park in their own back yard.

What’s the best part of living so close to South Mountain Park?

The best part of living so close to South Mountain Park is that you can quickly access the serenity of nature and escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It is a veritable sanctuary and playground for hiking, biking, exploring, picnicking, horseback riding and simply enjoying the great outdoors at its very finest, with more than 16,000 acres of land and 51 miles of trails. 

What does a typical Saturday night look like for someone at Avance?

Saturday night in the heart of Downtown Phoenix will surely satisfy your craving for fun and it’s just minutes away. There’s an array of activities, from restaurants and bars to shows and shopping. How about dinner and dancing, or bowling with the family? Check. A girl’s night out strolling down Roosevelt Row, topped off with a comedy show to end the night? Check. Whatever you feel like doing, Downtown Phoenix nightlife will not disappoint. The restaurant scene offers plenty of options, from high-end to family-style to happy hour and late night eats.  Anything you’re looking for entertainment, you’ll be sure to find.

What features will people love about the homes at Avance? 

Our home buyers will marvel at the modern architecture with stylish roof massing combined with attractive exteriors, featuring steel beams, stone and unique color accents. The Avance home designs provide residents with entertainment and family gathering opportunities with optional corner sliding doors, open great room plans and spacious open areas. 

What’s the best part about calling Avance home?

It is a full proposition of lifestyle, accessibility, connection and the most advanced techniques in homebuilding that create a living environment that’s healthy for our homeowners and the environment.

What does a typical weekend look like at Avance?

Avance has seven unique parks, a resort sized pool and a state-of-the-art recreation center. Among the different parks in Avance, you will find a Yoga lawn, a rock climbing-inspired playground and a park with a volleyball and bocce ball court. Lounging by the pool at the foot of South Mountain is by far a favorite spot and offers breathtaking views of the city any time of day. The ramada, with its own barbecue grill, has plenty of room for a gathering with friends and family. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you’ll love the immediate access to the neighboring hiking trails, which are very convenient for anyone looking to get a good workout or just a stroll to unwind. You get all of this without ever having to go too far from home.

Who is this community best suited for? 

Avance is an ideal community for discerning home buyers who enjoy an active lifestyle, a sense of arrival and cutting-edge home designs that will make their friends and family say “wow.”

Learn more about Avance and join us for the Grand Opening Celebration on May 11!