Lawn and Garden Month Tips

Lawn and Garden Month Tips

Posted 04/24/2014

rsz_pool_4April often brings the first clear sign of longer days and higher temperatures, reminding all of us how harsh Arizona summers can be on our plants and gardens. In celebration of the changing seasons, April is National Lawn & Garden Month, and it is here to remind us that nurturing our plants not only makes our homes greener and more livable but improves our overall health as well.

Even planting one tree helps the environment and boosts our health by taking up carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. Not to mention, a green, lush yard keeps us cool and provides much-needed shade during these upcoming hot, blistering months. So however you decide to care for your oasis in the desert this summer, make sure you follow these simple tips to keep your landscaping healthy and beautiful.

  • Watering: It is best always to water plants and grass in the evening or early morning to prevent as much evaporation as possible throughout the day. Although watering often keeps your lawn green and lush, it’s best to water deeply and occasionally to encourage deeper root growth, which will protect your lawn during the hot summer days. Also, after your boil or steam vegetables, use the excess water to feed your plants. The added nutrients will make them healthier than ever.
  • Mowing: Keeping your grass at the right length can be the difference between a green lawn and a desert wasteland, especially in the summer months. Taller grass allows the roots to grow deeper, making it more resistant to droughts and weed growth. It’s always best to leave the grass clippings on the lawn, as well. This will ensure moisture and nutrient retention.
  • Fertilizing: Try to finish fertilizing your lawn at least one month before the summer heat kicks in to avoid burning your lawn.  If you must fertilize your lawn in the summer months, use organic fertilizers, which release slowly and are less likely to burn your lawns. 

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