Laundry Room Trends

Laundry Room Trends

Posted 10/21/2016

In today’s world, a spacious living room, open kitchen, expansive master bedroom and plenty of storage space are all important ingredients in creating a comfortable home.  But one element that’s becoming more of a focal point for homebuyers is the laundry room. What was once an afterthought, is now an essential part of the home that can provide more than just storage for the washer and dryer.

Here’s a closer look at some of the latest laundry room trends:

Victory-Verrado-Trendsetter-4155-Dog-WashPets are members of the family, but all too often they are the messiest in the household. And, it can be a serious challenge trying to wash the family dog in the shower or bathtub, which not only can create stress for the pet owner but also the animal. Simply adding a pet-washing station in the laundry room is a unique and functional way to incorporate those furry friends into the home. Maracay’s design even comes with a raised platform, making it much easier to bathe little dogs or even cats.

cpv-the-cove-clifton-Model-LaundryAdding a sink to a laundry room is an absolute must, whether you use it to clean delicates, scrub your kids’ troublesome playground stains or wash your own hands in-between each load of laundry.

Natural light and plenty of bright-colored cabinetry have also become popular among today’s homebuyers. Simply adding a window to the laundry room, along with bright whites and warm greys, can create a relaxing atmosphere perfect for getting through those never-ending baskets of clothes.