In the Kitchen: Valentine’s Day Edition

In the Kitchen: Valentine’s Day Edition

Posted 02/12/2014

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Well, we know plenty of women that might feel the same. Food is a well-known way to show and share love. The time and thought it takes to cook for someone never goes unappreciated, while the memories made connecting over a good meal are rarely forgotten. 

With Valentine's Day fast approaching this Friday, why not get in the kitchen and whip up something special for your special someone? No matter your skill level, there is a fun, and delicious dish for everyone. Fire up those GE Appliances, we have you covered with these sweet ideas: 

From Hands to Hearts
The heart is the universal symbol for love making it the obvious choice for all things Valentine's Day related. Turning your favorite foods into sweet heart-shaped bites is easy as can be. For example, take cinnamon roll dough, unwind the pinwheel and reshape them into hearts before baking for a sweet wake up call. Or, do your breakfast one better and say it with bacon. Take two slices, form them into a heart shape and bake at 400 degrees for 18-25 minutes. What's not to love about bacon hearts? Of course, a heart-shaped cookie cutter can go a really long way with anything from bread to eggs, or both! 

The Color of Love
Making it's debut in everything from cupcakes to pancakes, red velvet has been flavor of the year for sure. Use it in your favor for Valentine's Day by whipping up some sweet treats that don the color of love. A few of our favorites include red velvet doughnuts, poke cake (make it super-easy with a box mix) and bite sized cake balls. The possibilities are truly endless. 

Heart Healthy 
While chocolates and sweet treats may be the traditional take on Valentine's Day indulgence, you can still celebrate without breaking the calorie bank. Try healthy alternatives like fruit cupid kabobs, a sweet smoothie or chocolate stuffed raspberries instead of sugar-packed store bought varieties. 

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