Childproofing Your Home

Childproofing Your Home

Posted 07/07/2014

Childproofing your home

When your little one starts to roam around, whether at a crawl or a top-speed toddle, childproofing your home is an essential task to assure both their safety and your peace of mind.

While there are many nooks and crannies throughout your home that your child will be very tempted to play with, some of them could potentially be dangerous. Fortunately, a few simple solutions can make a big difference in providing the safest atmosphere for your little adventurer to explore.

Baby gates: While you may try to keep track of your tot 24-7, they occasionally find a few minutes to wander off unaccompanied. In any case, baby gates are a must-have in a home with lots of space, and especially with stairs. If you use a safety gate at the top of the stairs however, make sure it is securely screwed into the wall so it can't be budged.

Electrical outlets: Those little outlets in the walls and on the floors are not only abundant, but fascinating to youngsters and oh so tempting to touch. And unfortunately, they are very dangerous and should be covered. Use removable outlet plug-ins, or replace the existing covers with sliding safety latch covers. Also, be sure to cover unoccupied extension cord outlets with electrical tape.

Clear the chemicals: While you may not consider your vitamins or your B12 supplements chemicals, they are health hazards to kids and sometimes look like candy. It's imperative to store away or lock up any and all potentially harmful or unsafe chemical, poison or product. This includes everything from bug spray to gummy vitamins.

Behind closed drawers: Your curious little kiddo will want to touch, taste and smell just about everything in the house, including things inside cupboards and drawers. While we can't store every single potentially hazardous item in a high place away from their reach, putting safety latches on those storage spaces will certainly limit their access to what's inside.

Comfort zone: When your child crawls, runs, rolls and climbs all over your home and furniture, they are bound to get a few bruises, but putting bumpers on sharp edges and bolting down tall objects could prevent anything worse from happening. Bolt or weigh down heavy bookcases and dressers to keep them from toppling over and place baby bumpers on the edges of the fireplace, sharp table corners and other objects that could be near their roaming space.

The key to a safe home isn't about waiting for potential accidents to happen, it's about being prepared. Childproofing your home is the vital step to creating the safest, most secure atmosphere in which your little one can grow, learn and live.