How to Care for Your Lawn

How to Care for Your Lawn

Posted 04/23/2013

dreamstime_2881599_300x448_250x373Keeping a lawn lovely, lush and green in the desert can be a tricky mission, but it is not an impossible one! April is National Lawn Care Month and it is here to show us how to achieve that ever-desired emerald green hue while preparing our plants for the sizzling summer months.

Not only do green lawns look nice, but they also carry many environmental benefits that go along with them. Properly cared for lawns keep homeowners a little cooler while simultaneously producing oxygen.

Here are a few of our favorite tips to help keep your lawn looking healthy, even through the rising temperatures we are already dreading.

  • Mow: Start your mowing with the blades at their highest setting and gradually lower them as growth speeds up. While some lawns may need cutting multiple times per week in the summer months, growth slows come fall and winter making mowing a lesser part of your routine in those seasons.
  • Water: The best time to hydrate your lawn is on the cusp of each day. Chose early morning or later at night to use sprinklers or drip systems in order to reduce the water evaporation that happens at the peak hours of sunlight.
  • Weed: Keeping an eye on your soil pH can be a key indicator of your yard’s reticence to supporting weed growth. Check the balance and apply killers as needed at the start of each new season.  

For more advice, check out this helpful guide from the team at HGTV as well as Maracay Homes’ preferred Arizona landscaping experts who provide top-tier consultation on care and design.