Hot Summer, Cool Decor

Hot Summer, Cool Decor

Posted 07/17/2013

gazeboWhen the temperatures reach 110+ degrees in the summer, there is little we want to do outside of our homes. So if you happen to be ‘stuck’ indoors, why not make your home somewhere that’s beautiful (and comfortable) to be? Here are a few tips for seasonal decorating:

  • Take A Gander: summer here in Arizona means monsoon season is in full swing. Make your viewing perch just that much lovelier, dressing up windows in creative ways that remind you of the joys of summer. Two themes to consider: sporting events and family vacations. A team pennant valance is great for a kid’s room or man cave while an easy tree branch curtain rod can remind you of those great escapes to the mountaintops.
  • Bring the Beach to You: We all wish Arizona had some oceanfront real estate, but bringing the peace of the sea to your home in the desert can be easy. Use neutrals like white and tan to create a calming space and adorn shelves and mantels with lanterns full of starfish and shells to add a pop of color. Use nautical rope to embellish objects you already have, such as bordering a mirror or wrap Styrofoam balls for decorative balls.
  • Post Up, Poolside: If you have a pool, your outdoor space may become an extension of your living room in the summer. Make it more personable and comfortable by bringing a few ornamental items outside. Create a comfy seating area with weather-proof decorative pillows and hang a mirror outside for added decoration. If you have a gazebo in your yard, create a little escape by adding gauzy white curtains for a summertime cabana, the perfect place to find some shade from the sun.

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