4 Hot Kitchen Trends

4 Hot Kitchen Trends

Posted 07/28/2015

As the old saying goes, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” But, what if that’s where all the hottest trends are occurring – not to mention, where all the coolest family members and guests naturally gather?

In that case, you’ll definitely want to stick around to find out more about the interesting trends that are cropping up in kitchens across the country, including in our Maracay homes throughout metro Phoenix and Tucson. Take a look:

Kitchen Trends in Maracay Homes

1. Just say no to white walls. According to Brian Wansink, a Cornell University professor and author of “Slim by Design: Mindless Eating Solutions for Everyday Life,” color plays a role in eating behavior. Kitchen wall colors that trigger eating: white, cream and bright colors. Instead, he recommends going neutral, with lighter shades of gold, green, blue and tan. 

Gray Cabinets in Kitchen at Layton Lakes

2. 50 shades of gray (cabinets). White is still the most popular kitchen cabinet color choice for homeowners undergoing a recent remodeling project, according to a recent Houzz survey, but gray is making a respectable showing in new and remodeled kitchens this year. Approximately 10 percent of respondents said they chose from this soothing color palette.

Kitchen Trends Black and White

Kitchen Cabinets at Verrado Palisades

3. It’s universal. As the population ages, home features are becoming more accommodating of individuals with differing height and mobility needs – a concept known as universal design. In the kitchen, universal design is expressed in counters with varying heights and double wall ovens that can be used from either a sitting or standing position. 


4. Life in the digital age. Considering the kitchen is the hub of the home, it only makes sense that it would serve as Technology Central, as well. According to Houzz’s kitchen trends poll, 22 percent of homeowners who recently remodeled their kitchens opted to install handy USB charging stations, similar to the ones we have in our newest Maracay kitchens.

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